Snorkeling Adventure in Key West, FL

Come take a snorkeling adventure with SNUBA Key West to experience the undersea wonders of Key West up close and personal.

Key West is an ideal location for a snorkel adventure. Many reefs located around Key West are in relatively shallow water, so snorkelers get a fantastic, up-close look at the amazing marine life of the Keys. Pair that with the crystal-clear water, and you’re in for a great snorkel adventure with SNUBA Key West.

Snorkeling with SNUBA® Key West

Snorkeling has always been huge here, and it has a very long history. During ancient times, people used different types of hollow tubes to be able to breathe underwater. These primitive snorkels were fashioned by fishermen, underwater foragers, military classes, explorers, and adventurers.

Snorkeling Adventure in Key West, FLThe snorkeling equipment that is used today is much more efficient, and Key West is world-renowned among people that enjoy the activity. SNUBA Key West will help you enjoy the most from your snorkel adventure with all comforts available.

Planning for the right trip – We start each day using weather and boating conditions data to determine that day’s snorkel adventure trip. The good news is that Key West is an island, so if the weather isn’t good on one side, we’ll go around to the other!

Safety briefing – We’re all about the comfort, and the safety, of our passengers. We’ll make sure you know where everything is located on the boat and who can help you with any concerns. We’ll also go over the planned snorkel adventure site and give you some tips on making the most out of your snorkeling trip

Time to snorkel! – Enjoy our easy water access, or jump in, depending on your comfort level. We promise you have plenty of time to float and while seeing the natural aquarium right below you.

Return trip – Our snorkel adventure crew has a special treat – candy from the treasure chest! Refresh yourself with complimentary sodas and bottled water and rinse off in our freshwater shower. Now it’s time to sit in our plush, cushioned seats and enjoy your relaxing trip back to Key West.

Snorkeling Adventure for Families in Key West, FL

Snorkeling is the perfect Key West activity for families or those just looking to take it slow. Imagine just floating on the warm waters around Key West and seeing tropical fish, colorful coral formations, and other kinds of marine life. This is an experience unlike any other. You’ll see fish and marine life you’ve only seen in aquariums and on TV. A snorkeling adventure in Key West is something you should not miss.